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About WaterR8

WaterR8, LLC was established specifically to hone the leading edge of the rapidly expanding world of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things collectively describes all the various devices that are either currently connected to or soon will be connected to the Internet. With this connectivity, valuable data can be uploaded into what is known as the Device Cloud. Once uploaded, sophisticated software applications, such as WaterR8, can access this data and provide information which can be immediately acted upon for our social and economic benefit.

WaterR8 has been developed to use the best state-of-the-art hardware, supported by our WaterR8 application, economically delivered as software as a service. The WaterR8 application has been created by our technology team members, all of whom have established impressive credentials in the Device Cloud industry. Led by a seasoned management team, our clients can be assured that WaterR8 will continue to deliver the best technology at the lowest possible price.

WaterR8 has specifically targeted the increasingly critical need to conserve our rapidly diminishing supply of fresh water. We are proud that our WaterR8 systems will be able to conserve millions of gallons of fresh water annually in the coming years. We are also proud that we are able to do this while returning significant economic benefits to our clients’ bottom lines. Any time we can conserve our natural resources and generate a better economic result, it becomes a green project that we all can support.

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