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WaterR8 allows the owners and managers of multifamily housing complexes to significantly lower indoor water usage by up to 20% without implementing RUBs or installing submeters. However, if you already have RUBs or are considering implementing it, please click here.

If ever-increasing water bills and overuse penalties are impacting your bottom line, WaterR8 Basic offers the most economical, easiest implemented and quickest resolution to reducing your tenants’ water usage. WaterR8 Basic does this in two different ways:

Data collected from numerous studies indicate that approximately 14% of all indoor water use is attributable to leaks and that 90%+ of the volume of those leaks is attributable to leaking toilet flapper valves. Consequently, just eliminating flapper valve leaks can result in a water savings of over 12%.

As an owner/manager of multifamily units, you are already well aware of the negative economic impacts and negative social impacts brought by having unauthorized occupants in a multifamily complex. You are also well aware of the challenges in trying to control the addition of unauthorized occupants in your units. Obviously, these unauthorized occupants contribute to increased water usage. Because water usage is directly correlated to a per capita ratio, having five to ten unauthorized occupants per 100 authorized occupants will result in a 5% to 10% increase in indoor water usage.

WaterR8 addresses both of these issues by simply reporting each time a toilet runs.

How WaterR8 Works